ventilation grids



Ventilation grill also to use in fireplaces, with movable louvers .

BRITA it’s a grid necessary everywhere if you want to decide about direction and amount of air flowing into the room. This is possible thanks to use of movable louvers system. BRITA can be used as a ventilation grill and also in fireplaces. This is ideal solution in gravitational or mechanical ventilation systems. On your request we can equip BRITA grid, in a steel net as a protection against insects.


  •   In housing
       fireplaces, kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, boiler rooms, garages, utility rooms

  •   Industrial buildings
    as an ending of ventilation channels in production halls, warehouses, garages

  •   Public utility buildingsj
       as an ending of ventilation channels in offices, hospitals, swimming pools, banks, hotels


  •   stainless steel
      brushed gloss or matt
  •   brass
  •   copper
  •  galvanised steel


Grill is equipped with assembly frame, which is permanently mounted in ventilation hole, and unnoticeable spring hooks. This solution allows quick assembly and dismantling of the grid for cleaning. Grill can be also installed permanently using screws. Each product comes with simple instructions how to install grill in few easy steps.


We are pricing our products individually for every client. For us new order it's a new challenge. Prices may vary and depend on size of ordered grill, order quantity and material used. If you want to know final price for your order, please contact us via e-mail: or complete our valuation form.

Please be aware that maximum size we can make is 1200mmx1200mm. If you want to order a bigger grille you need to take in count that postage costs will be considerable more.